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How to Be More Spontaneous: 8 Easy Steps

Do you believe that routine is the ultimate killer? You really don’t, right? Because if you did, you wouldn’t have come across this article—you’re already spontaneous!

Now, how does one even become spontaneous? Maybe you’re thinking about visiting the best strip club in Brisbane—and that’s not bad! Yet take note—change doesn’t happen overnight.

You can start becoming more spontaneous by following these 8 easy steps:

  1. Know thyself.

If you recently realized that being a routine lover isn’t helping anymore, then you’re off to a good start. Knowing yourself means also knowing the areas that need improvement.

Think about your personality. For instance, are you a couch potato? Were you “fun” and spontaneous but lost touch of these qualities?

Answering those questions will help determine what you should change.

  1. List down your routines.

Are you bored with your work-home routine? Your weekend activities? How about your morning routine—aren’t you getting good outcomes?

List them down. Figure out how to break them without compromising what you’ve been trying to accomplish.

  1. List down things you haven’t tried doing.

Now, make another list. This time, think about the stuff you’ve never tried doing. These may also be places you never visited before.

For example, if you’re curious about what happens inside the best strip club in Brisbane, then you can invite your friends for a twist in your usual Friday nights.

  1. Take things slow.

You don’t have to do those activities you’ve listed successively. Remember to take it slow.

Why not do something new every month? That way you won’t force yourself into becoming this reckless rebellious person.

  1. Say yes often.

As a person who’s not that spontaneous, probably you often like to ask why. Here’s the truth: sometimes, you can’t just rationalise everything.

You just have to live in the moment.

  • Want that bag? Live a little. Say yes.
  • Like someone? Take the risk. Flirt with them.
  • Feel angry? Be honest about how you feel.
  1. Befriend mystery.

And you also hate mystery, don’t you? You’d rather be devastated by the truth than die without knowing.

Well, here’s another truth and it might disappoint you: not all things happen because of a reason. Sometimes, they just happen by chance.

As soon as you accept this, you’ll be more at ease with disorder in your life.

  1. Make simple plans.

Again, stop ruminating and overthinking everything. Practice setting one goal and being flexible on how you reach it.

  1. Trust your judgment.

Most of the time people dilly dally because they’re afraid they might mess their lives up. Here’s an idea: be kind to yourself and learn how to trust your own judgment.

Stop listening to that inner saboteur. Make things happen before the opportunity is gone.